Field Day

Today was "Field Day" for Lucas and Josh. "Field Day" is sort of a loose term for an end-of-the-year party that is usually held outside. There were no long jumps or foot races, like you might remember from a Field Day in your past.
I was asked to do a game for both parties. Which I love. I've been at this Room-Mom thing for seven years and I still think elementary school parties are a blast. I would throw one every month if they let me.

They each combined the whole grade, so I had to come up with a game that would work for about 100 kids to rotate through. This year, shaving cream was our medium of choice.
For Josh's class I filled about 150 balloons with shaving cream. This is about as difficult as filling water balloons: not too bad. It took me about an hour. One can of shaving cream fills from 15-18 balloons. And shaving cream is about $1, so not too bad.
We played shaving cream balloon tag by attaching the balloons to their waist with a safety pin. Kind of like flag football, but the object of the game is to pop everyone's balloon. One person is "it" and everyone whose balloon gets popped is then also "it." Josh and I came up with this game together: as far as I know it's an original invention. It's definitely an outdoor game and it was a blast.

The kids were utterly, completely enthralled with the balloons Almost every kid came over to fondle them before the games even started. By 6th grade, the kids are pretty jaded (been there, done that -itis) so I consider that a great success itself.

They had a great time playing tag and then getting a little bit messy with the popped shaving cream. 
For Lucas' class I needed something a little more low-key. I thought second grade girls might start crying if their shaving cream balloon was popped, but we wanted to stick with the shaving cream.
I found an idea online to cover someone's head with shaving cream and then throw Cheetos at them to see how many would stick. Clearly. I wasn't interested in washing that many heads, so we covered hats instead: one fireman's hat and one yellow construction hat. 

We had groups of 10 which I split in half. Two of the kids sat in chairs. I taped off a line about three feet away from the seated kids and put the hats, covered with shaving cream, on their heads. The other kids lined up to take turns throwing three marshmallows at the hats. I almost brought sunglasses for eye protection, but it wasn't necessary. The marshmallows were nice and soft and the kids enjoyed munching on them while waiting for their turn. The team with the most marshmallows stuck to the hat was the winner. I only needed one can of shaving cream, but we used about 7 bags of mini marshmallows.

It was a great day (in spite of the sprinkling rain) but I am wiped! Every time I spend the day doing parties I wonder how on earth elementary school teachers make it through the day. My voice is tired, by back is sore, my feet hurt.

After school we picked up Lucas' glasses! They are adorable. He looks smart and charming. I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow (or just check out Randy's facebook post).

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Dix and Lynn said...

And when I taught '35' fourth graders, we wore stockings, high heels, and professional clothes...try throwing a football dressed like that! (I did :) ) Your games sound awesome!

MollyE said...

Great job! Today I am heading off to the school carnival with Nathan strapped on for four hours. I think I am in charge of a bounce house. That is about as far as my creativity goes!

Emily S. said...

Those are great ideas! I am glad you share your ideas on your blog because I need them! I have yet to do the room mom thing partly because I am kind of intimidated by it. You are amazing.

Dana White said...

What clever ideas! As a teacher I'd love to have you and your enthusiasm as a room mom. Good work!!

Heather Morgan said...

How do you pop the balloons?

Rachel said...

Heather-- It's kind of like flag football, so when you grab for the balloons you try to sort of grab and squeeze. It was really easy for the 6th graders to do it, but I'm sure it depends on the balloon. I think it's probably important that you use water balloons and not party balloons!

Anonymous said...

So I tried to do this but I had issues filling the balloons. It took 4 cans to fill 20 balloons but it still was a ton of fun! My sisters and I loved every minute of it! (=

Rachel said...

I would guess that the number of balloons and the size of the shaving cream can would cause the output to vary :) I'm glad you still had fun!

Desiree said...

Such a great idea and I love that you're still answering comments on this after all this time; many don't. Thinking of using your idea down here in New Zealand for my Grandma's camp with 4 of my grandsons. Thank you for sharing such a fun idea!!

Rachel said...

Comments are just a fun part of blogging! I wonder if your shaving cream in New Zealand is the same as ours?

Jen Romero said...

I bought the shaving cream from the dollar store and one can filled up 3 balloons. The balloons were not big at all. How much shaving cream did u put in your balloons? I found water balloons and tried it with my Gillett gel and it popped all over my daughter this morning. ... It was hilarious but she didn't think so lol. Any pointers would help. Did u put air in them at all?

Rachel said...


I bought my shaving cream at the dollar store, too, and it filled up 15-18 water balloons each! It was just regular shaving cream (I think the brand was Barbasol). It's actually about a dollar at Walmart, too.

I would say there was about a cup of shaving cream in each balloon, more or less.

I think it's pretty important that the balloons are water balloons, because otherwise they will be too thick and won't pop.

Dang, I hope it works for you!

Anonymous said...

My 7 yr old BDay Party disaster!!!!

Rachel said...

Oh No!!! So sorry, Anonymous. Bummer!!!! We didn't have any issues with shaving cream in the eyes, but the kids were older than 10. I also did an activity with shaving cream balloons with teenagers and they had a blast.

Pixie said...

Saw the post about the shaving cream being an eye irritant and thought maybe you could use the aerosol-canned whipped cream instead?